Getting Your Animation Dream Job Just Got Easier


How can this animation course help me become a professional animator?

I'm glad you asked. Animation studios all over the world are looking for animators with fresh ideas and solid animation work. Having a great online animation program and a coach in your corner are a cornerstone in getting you the executable tools and advice you need to create a great demo reel, needed get you to your goal faster. 

This Animation course comes to you with over 22 years of experience meant to walk you through the process, step by step. 

What you'll get inside:

  • Video tutorials of shot execution covering:
    • Shot content planning
    • Shooting / acquiring reference
    • Maya constraint workflow
    • Shot transition from blocking to Spline / expectations
    • Shot splining workflow
    • Shot polish with emphasis on nuance and detail work
    • Audio commentary going over the steps and tips / tricks
  • Animation Principles lecture video tutorial
  • Maya prop constraint shot setup video tutorial
  • Introduction to Maya workflow including:
    • Panels and UI efficiencies
    • Tools I use in my daily workflow
    • Maya Hotkeys for increased productivity
  • Monthly Live QnA Events
    • For reel-monster members
    • Maya demos
    • QnA session
    • Pre-selected Student work critiques
  • All future updates and additional modules included in the price
  • Course content is "watch at your own leisure" and available on the included app

Jiro Was Used In All Course Content & Is Downloadable For Free In The Freebies Tab! 




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Video Lessons

Pre recorded video lessons geared toward a "jump-in" approach. Each module covers solid basics so you can open your character and apply what is taught in each lesson, and they're yours to keep and review whenever you need a refresher.

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Once you're a member, you'll have full access to the reel-monster community app. This is a great way to meet other members and share your work. Members are encouraged to offer feedback and engage in animation ideation. And who knows, you might see me in there offering feedback on your work. 

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Live QnA Events

Once a month, we'll have a live QnA event where I'll do a Maya Demo and go over student animations that have been chosen for discussion. This is a great time to ask questions and join in on the conversation with other members. 


Body Mechanics Course

$49.00 USD

One Time Payment

  • Full video lesson walkthroughs
  • Maya prop constraints tutorial
  • Maya UI efficiencies / Hotkeys
  • And much more