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What if you could build a career as a character animator making great money working on movies, or video games? Its time to update that Linkedin profile and celebrate the title change of student to - 





Hi, my name is Mike Walling and I was just like you! I had a dream, a idea of what my life would be like if I could just get a chance to work on a movie. I'd show them that I could learn and become a great animator. Unfortunately, it would be another four years from that first spark of inspiration before I would be given that chance. My mission now is to take everything I've learned in the 23 years I've been animating professionally and teach it to you, so you don't have to struggle the way I did. Welcome to the Animation Mastery Course and Member Community.

The Animation Mastery Course is a clean, structured approach to my workflow and tools I use to make shots in production. In addition to the course is the Reel-Monster Community! I built this community for you!

The Reel-Monster Community is a place for you to meet other student animators like you! It's a place you can get feedback on your work, ask questions, hang out in live meeting rooms with other students, join the bi-weekly QnA / Shot Demo sessions, participate in student challenges for great prizes and a place to join the monthly guest speaker QnA where you'll have access to an industry professional from studios like Pixar, Disney, Dneg, and video game companies like Naughty Dog, Bungie, Sledge Hammer and more! 

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Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

Becoming a professional animator doesn't have to be a fantasy or a carrot you dangle in front of yourself like some out of reach goal that you will chase forever. I believe that with enough work under your belt and a good dose of work ethic, you can reach your goal of character animator and be sitting in the theatre waiting for         your name to scroll up in the credits. 

There's no substitution for dedication and hard work. But what does that mean? It means that book learning will only take you so far. One thing that professional animators have in common is that they have experience to draw from. Executing your animation is part book learned principles and then your eye for detail and nuance, which only comes from putting the work in. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to supplement your work with feedback and live community experiences that will help shape the way you think about your animation work and the way you execute your shots. Sounds awesome right?! Well, animation is awesome and I know you can be awesome too!!

How The Communnity Membership Will Help YOU!


 Shot Example Demos / QnA's

Join other students in live meetups and follow along, or ask questions as I animate live

Insight into Production Workflows / Tools

Learn about industry tools used to help you animate faster and more efficient

Industry Guest Lectures Packed With Tips & Tricks

Join the monthly guest speaker QnA to gain access to animators from Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Naughty Dog and more, as they talk about their careers, workflows and answer your questions

Student Challenges Designed To Get You Animating

Jump into monthly student challenges to compete with other students for prizes like one on one coaching and personal feedback

Tackle the Included Animation Mastery Course

Take on the supplemental course and follow along with the recorded walkthroughs which include a fully animated shot from scratch. Lectures on hotkeys, tools, constraint setups and more

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Bennjamin Hammon

Just one of the many shots I worked with Ben on that helped him get to  is current role of Character Animator at Steamroller Studios



Reel-Monster Community Student, all around awesome Animator, and Community Student Challenge Winner, using the Galactic Marine Rig


Reel-Monster Community Student, all around awesome Animator, and Community Student Challenge Winner, using the Galactic Marine Rig


Fotios Eleftheriadis

Some great student work from Foti before he went on to work at Bungie, where he's now a Sandbox Character  Animator on Destiny



Reel-Monster was designed to help solve common challenges Students face

  • "Is my reel good enough to get noticed?"
  • "How can I improve my character animation?"
  • "How do I find a mentor who will guide me to my goal?"
  • "How can I get better at body mechanics and acting?"
  • "Where can I find resources that will help me?"
  • "How do I handle an interview and salary negotiation?"
  • "How can I get faster at animating?"


A 14 module course, available on your terms, when you're ready to elevate your work

If you're anything like I was, as a student, you are ready to walk into the studio for the first time and make beautiful characters come to life. With the Animation Mastery course, you can take that next step toward that goal


What's inside. Pre-recorded video tutorials of shot execution covering:

  • Shot content planning
  • Acquiring / shooting reference
  • Maya constraint workflow / setup
  • Shot blocking
  • Shot spline / polish
  • Audio commentary, going over steps as well as tips / tricks
  • Animation principles lecture¬†
  • Maya prop constraint setup tutorial

Introduction to Maya workflow including:

  • Panels and UI efficiencies¬†
  • Tools I use in my daily workflow
  • Maya hotkeys for increased productivity
  • Course content is "watch at your own pace" and available on PC, Tablet and Smart Phone.
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A place to meet and integrate with other animators, learn new concepts and connect with industry pros

The heart and soul of Reel-Monster. I came up learning animation often feeling isolated and unable to get support or feedback. Any kind of accolades was a luxury and far and few in-between. My entire goal with building a community was to help students shave off years from their learning journey and get hired sooner. If you're struggling and trying to find an affordable place to meet other students, show work for feedback and join live events full of knowledge, this might be a great supplement to your school or online workshop.


What's inside the new all inclusive community membership:

  • You get the Animation Mastery Course (listed above) included in the annual community membership
  • Student Community with 24/7 live hangouts
  • Chat threads for shot uploads / discussions¬†
  • Monthly QnA's with industry guest speakers, workshops and Maya shot demonstrations
  • Demo Reel assessment meetups
  • Animation Challenges with leaderboards and prizes like one on one coaching
  • Shot feedback meetups¬†
  • A community of students just like you, who support each other, offer shot help and feedback, as well as learning opportunities from my experience and other industry pros who want you to succeed.¬†
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Where I've worked on some of my favorite projects in my 23 year career



Animation Mastery Course



  • Full Video Lesson Shot Walkthroughs
  • Shooting Reference and shot planning
  • Shot Blocking walkthrough
  • Shot Spline & Polish Walkthrough
  • Maya Prop Constraint Tutorial
  • Maya UI Efficiencies / Hotkeys
  • 14 Video Modules
  • And Much More!


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Community Membership



  • All New Student Support Community
  • Live Hangouts
  • Conversation Groups
  • Monthly guest speaker QnA sessions
  • Live Hangouts
  • Recorded QnA Events
  • Student Challenges
  • Demo Reel Building sessions
  • Animation Mastery Course Included
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Community Membership



  • All New Student Support Community
  • Live Hangouts
  • Conversation Groups
  • Monthly guest speaker QnA sessions
  • Live Hangouts
  • Recorded QnA Events
  • Student Challenges
  • Demo Reel Building sessions



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