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  • Free video lesson that's yours to keep
  • Learn why blocking is so important
  • Learn from me animating live
  • Get a glimpse of what to expect in the course
  • Learn about reversals and contrast
  • Learn how to get weight in your characters
  • Learn how to make strong poses
  • Other tips and tricks to get you started
  • Happy Animating! 

Coming - September 2020

 Our mission is to make you a professional animator.  

Do you struggle to improve your animation skills? Take control of your future and be the hero in your own story of success as a 3D Character Animator! Take that first step to a high income skill in a creative workplace. 

Reel-Monster is a perfect supplemental course for students learning animation at one of the many great online schools or for people who are brand new to animation and want to jump in with both feet. Who ever you are, Reel-Monster is a perfect step in the right direction to becoming the best animator you've dreamed about!

Start Working Towards Your Monster Demo Reel Today!

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Video Lessons

Pre recorded video lessons geared toward a "jump-in" approach. Each module covers solid basics so you can open your character and apply what is taught in each lesson and they're yours to keep and use whenever you need a refresher.

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Once your'e a member, you'll have full access to the reel-monster community. This is a great way to meet other members and share your work. Members are encouraged to offer feedback and engage in animation ideation. And who knows, you might see me in there offering feedback on your work. 

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Live QnA Events

Once a month, we'll have a live QnA event where I'll talk about a selected topic and go over student animations that have been chosen for discussion. This is a great time to ask questions and join in on the conversation with other members.